An Afternoon On The Beach

February 10, 2017

ARC cardigan 4

Beach San FranciscoGolden gate bridgeARC cardigan 1

Cardigan  /   Blouse  /  Jeans  /  Hat  /  Shoes (similar)  / Bag

While most people have been complaining about the rain and cold temperatures this past month in California, my husband and I decided to head over to the beach last weekend. Not your usual outing on a cold and cloudy February afternoon, but I found it quite relaxing and weirdly therapeutic. Feeling the wind in my hair, listening to the waves slowly ending their journey on the shore as the Golden Gate Bridge peaked through the clouds was such a beautiful moment. Coming from Canada, being able to experience something other than snow and sub-zero temperatures during the winter months was so surreal. Very few people were there and it felt like we had the entire beach to ourselves (possible Valentine’s Day idea for you Californians?). The only thing that wasn’t “picture perfect” was our choice of footwear… My husband and I were both wearing white shoes which we discovered wasn’t the best decision as we tried to avoid mud puddles on our way back. But at least I had my fuzzy cardigan from ARC to keep me warm and cozy.* It wasn’t your typical, “beach day” since it was quite cold, but that day I realized being at the beach truly is my happy place, no matter the season…

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