Channeling My Inner Mermaid

May 22, 2017


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Keaton Set  /  Jeans  /  Beige heels (similar)  /  Black heels

As a kid, I remember being obsessed with mermaids, or more specifically, Arielle the little mermaid. I would play the tape in the VCR on repeat, until it drove my parents crazy, knew all the lyrics to all the songs (in french of course) and dreamt of one day being able to breathe underwater. So today, I am channeling my inner mermaid with this gorgeous set from Fame and Partners. I might never be able to breathe underwater, but this amazing two-piece definitely felt enchanting.

As you can see, I styled the Keaton set in two different ways, taking it from day-to-night. If you want to learn more about this look, you can check out the guest post I made on the Fame and Partners‘ blog here. In the meantime, remember to always dream big.


This post is in collaboration with Fame and Partners.

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