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July 11, 2016


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After getting my car broken into, my camera stolen (along with the pictures it contained) and my feelings crushed in the process, I’m back yet again for another outfit post…. Because what do you do when life decides to pull a fast one? Smile and come back stronger than you were before. Translation: I got a new camera! I upgraded to a Nikon D5300 and just couldn’t wait to take it out and play. So far, I’ve been loving the results!

For the first test shoot, I decided to keep it simple with my favourite pair of “mom jeans” by Stay Sunny Chicago and a hand tailored shirt. This silk top by Mackage was accidentally put in the washing machine, destroying the leather design that was once embellishing the front and therefore making it unwearable! Fortunately enough, I have the THE most amazing and talented mom who was able to salvage the shirt by using lace flowers to decorate and hide the washing machine catastrophe. The most surprising part is, I love the final result more than the original.

Moral of these stories? Sometimes, an unfortunate event might just be a blessing waiting to unveil itself.


Top: hand tailored (original Mackage top)

Jeans: Stay Sunny Chicago

Blazer: Misguided

Sunglasses: El Roy Eyewear

Scarf: Sin Sarakbi Nahas

Shoes: Zara

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