Visiting the San Francisco MOMA

October 11, 2016


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Last week, my husband and I visited the San Francisco MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), where collections of art are exhibited on over 7 floors! It truly was such a beautiful array of artistry and craftsmanship, displayed in various forms through paintings, sculptures, 3D art and other more contemporary variations – each floor having its own perspective and character. My favorite displays however, were probably the more modern pieces on the 7th floor, featuring graphic messages revealed in strange forms, from neon signs to compositions consisting of 3 feet tall letters, as well as the stunning photography presentation, situated on the 2nd floor.

It was the perfect activity to do, on an otherwise rainy and gloomy day. Tickets are relatively inexpensive and the 1st floor offers 45,000 square feet of art-filled public spaces (no ticket required), including Richard Serra’s “Sequence”, the impressive orange steel sculpture featured above – definitely one of the highlights displayed inside the Museum.

So if you are the type of person who can appreciate art in various (and sometimes unconventional) forms, I strongly suggest you visit those wonderful galleries!

Top: Zara

Jeans: America Eagle Outfitters  (similar) (similar high end)

Shoes: Gucci

Bag: Mango

Choker: Zara

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