September 2021

Shopping Guide to Building A Stylish Wardrobe

With stores like H&M and Forever 21 flooding the country, we’re all tempted to buy cheaper clothing from time to time. These types of retailers have mastered the art of selling somewhat trendy clothes for quite a low price. And who isn’t guilty of purchasing a 3$ T-shirt from Target or a 10$ H&M dress? But that inexpensive item isn’t always the best option… You can wind up purchasing poor quality fabrics and pieces that, most of the time, are very short-lived, therefore costing you more in the long run. However, not all garments in your closet should be high-end… and let’s face it, who has the budget for it either?

But when is it worth investing into a certain piece and which items should you purchase at a wallet-friendly price? The answer isn’t always clear, but today, I thought I’d share with you some tips and tricks I personally use when feeling spendy.

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Personally, when searching for pieces that look a lot more expensive than they actually are, I like to stick to basics (for example, a nice ribbed cotton shirt) or more minimalist items, like the small structured bag featured in this look. I usually like investing a bit more money when it comes to handbags, but what makes this piece look chic is its structure and the simplicity of its design. Also the gold hardware truly managed to give it a more polished and classy look.

Quick Tip! When shopping at lower-end retailers, stay away from embellishments, small, complicated prints, lace and sloppy finishings


At the end of the day, it’s always about the quality. So start by inspecting the item. Look at the stitching detail, the buttons, the fabric. Is it sewn properly? Is there top-stitching? Is the fabric soft and thick? These small details are often characteristics of a high-quality garment.

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Mixing high-low is all the rage and essential to maintain a stylish wardrobe, but how you mix is just as important. I personally like to invest in statement, yet timeless pieces. I want my expensive items to stand the test of time, but I also do not want them to blend in and look like any other element in my collection. Nevertheless, which luxury item you decide to splurge on truly depends on your style. If you are the type of person who likes wearing the same pair of black pumps every single day, then investing into a good durable (and maybe not so statement) pair of black heels might be the way to go for you. On the opposite side, if you are the type of fashionista who loves switching it up and enjoys experimenting with trends, then investing into a bold statement shoe might be a better route.  I personally like to splurge on attention-grabbing items that will become the focus of my outfit. But be vigilant before buying! You don’t want to pick an item that’s too trendy, or you might end up getting stuck with a garment reminiscing of last year’s outdated trend.

Quick Tip! When seasons change, retailers are getting rid of their summer/winter collections and that means tons of sales with incredible markdowns. Even though this might sound counterintuitive, try shopping summer pieces (like bikinis) during fall and winter clothes during spring.

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Shopping online can be tricky and I’ve made an entire blog post with detailed advice regarding the matter (which you can view here). However, when looking for a specific piece, browsing the web can really help you find that hidden gem by easily filtering through thousands of retailers. You can quickly compare prices of similar items and find a bargain more efficiently.

Quick Tip! Always check for promo / coupon codes before checking out your shopping cart. I’ve saved hundreds of dollars by simply reasearching the “name of the online store + coupon code”. A really great promo code site I tend to use is:


This might sound like an obvious one, but buy less! At the end of the day it’s always about quality, not quantity. If you aren’t loving every garment in your shopping cart, then you simply shouldn’t be spending your money on it. And yes, that means leaving behind an item you would describe as “decent”, even if it has been highly discounted. So choose wisely and make it last.

Happy shopping!


Outfit details:

Dress: Lavish Alice

Bag: Forever 21 (similar)

Shoes: Sheinside (similar)

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