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3 casual looks to stay cozy during holiday season

Fall is coming to an end, and the holidays are approaching quickly. Whether you are spending this wonderful time with your family, doing a gift exchange with friends or simply catching up on sleep, these 3 casual looks by Lucky brand are sure to keep you warm, cozy and stylish this winter season.

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Jeans  /  Turtleneck  
Look #1:

What’s more classic then a soft black turtleneck and pair of blue skinny jeans? This sweater is so soft and perfect for any festive activity. Not to mention those blue skinny jeans have the perfect amount of stretch so you can eat your heart out during holiday feasts or indulge in Sufganiyot, a traditional (and delicious), deep-fried, jelly doughnut eaten on Hanukkah.

IMG_7225_Facetune_04-11-2019-18-00-42 IMG_7341_Facetune_04-11-2019-18-07-13 IMG_7606_Facetune_04-11-2019-18-10-39 IMG_7665_Facetune_04-11-2019-18-14-31

Jeans  /  Sweater
Look #2:

For the second look, I styled a beige knit sweater (my personal fav) with another pair of Lucky skinny jeans. I am in love with how thick the knit is, making sure to keep you warm wherever you are. I paired it with black denim and healed booties to give it an elevated and more polished look.

IMG_5956_Facetune_04-11-2019-18-29-52 IMG_5932_Facetune_04-11-2019-18-30-56 IMG_5596_Facetune_04-11-2019-18-36-18

Jeans  /  Top  /  Blazer
Look #3:

Lastly, the final outfit is perfect for my #bossbabes out there. I layered a beautiful plaid blazer on top of a simple black long-sleeve top for added warmth. Whether you’re going to the office or tackling your holiday shopping, this look is versatile, comfortable, but still chic.

Which look are you most likely to wear this holiday season? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy holidays!


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