December 2021

5 must-have products to survive pregnancy

This journey to motherhood is definitely a bumpy one that includes crazy body changes, mood swings and lots of ice cream. I can’t believe I am already 31 weeks pregnant and before babygirl decides to make her appearance, I wanted to round up all of my pregnancy must-haves – in hopes it will be helpful for any other pregnant ladies out there. Now, I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really use that many pregnancy focused products and found a  lot of them to be a bit « gimmicky ». As you’ll see from my list below, some of these are actually products you can use, pregnant or not, that I simply found myself reaching for more than usual.


  • Belly oils :

This is hands-down my #1 most used beauty product when it comes to pregnancy. If you are pregnant, I could not stress enough the importance of using a belly oil. I have been using this one from Bio-Oil religiously, especially during my third trimester, to hydrate my skin and help prevent stretch marks. I apply it not only over my bump, but over my chest as well, because let me tell you… the girls have grown as well! It not only smells amazing, but absorbs nicely in the skin and my belly has just been loving it. Another oil that I’ve been loving is this one from Hatch. Not only does it feel amazing, but the bottle is probably the most aesthetically pleasing I’ve seen.

  • Prenatal vitamins :

Needless to say that nutrition and supplements have now, more than ever, become a priority in my life. But finding the perfect prenatal vitamin for my body wasn’t an easy task. For the first months, I tested out several brands, but unfortunately, a lot of them increased my morning sickness and didn’t contain all the appropriate nutrients my body needed like iron.

That is why after 3 months of trying different prenatal, I finally decided to switch to Ritual. I have now been taking Ritual prenatal for over 4 months and could not be happier with the results. They contain more biotin, folic acid and iron than my previous vitamins, but the best part is… they did not cause any nausea or increase my morning sickness! Not to mention the lemon flavor tastes amazing. Who would’ve thought vitamins could taste good!

  • Straw cup :

Now this one might not sound like a pregnancy product, but I never used to drink out of straws until I got pregnant. I’m not sure what it is or what the logic behind is, but drinking out of a straw immensely helped my morning sickness during the first trimester, which, by the way, not sure why we call it morning sickness since it pretty much lasts all day. That’s why I started using a reusable straw cup to drink my lemon water and keep track of my water intake. Highly recommend, pregnant or not!

  • Robes :

This one is pretty self-explanatory, but a comfy robe is going to be your best friends throughout this pregnancy. My favorite brands when it comes to cozy robes are definitely Mason Grey (soft and comfortable cotton) and Kim + Ono (luxurious silk fabrics).

  • Slippers :

I recently switched my old slippers for a pair of new white fluffy ones and honestly don’t know what took me so long. Having moved apartment, I’ve been on my feet 24/7 in the house, packing, unpacking and organizing our new home and these have been a life saver for my feet. They are padded, feel like I’m walking on a cloud and just perfect to help support the extra weight I’ve been carrying around.

And there you have it! 5 products that I religiously use every day of my pregnancy, especially this last trimester. Hope they can help any expecting mamas out there.


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