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Baby Essentials: “What’s on my registry”

baby essentials

After reading all my favorite mommy blogs, watching 100 Youtube videos on “baby essentials”, reading what felt like a million Amazon reviews and of course asking my family and friends for the best recommendations, I think I’ve come up with a pretty extensive and solid list of MUST-HAVE products to get me ready for baby girl!

Now I know I haven’t tested out these products yet, which is why I excluded some more personal items like a breast-pump (I have my eyes on the brand Medela (highly recommended) and Elvie). However, after my extended research I am confident that these products will be enough to get me through the first weeks after birth.


1- Bottles

These comotomo bottles are deisgned to most closely mimic breastfeeding, so great for moms who are breastfeeding like myself. However, just like I mentioned above, keep in mind every baby has different preferences. Therefore, I would avoid buying too many and test out different brands to see what baby likes best. Another brand that was highly recommended were the Philip Avent and the Dr. Browns.

2- Pacifiers

I decided to purchase a set of these BIBS pacifiers seeing as they have amazing reviews online (and not going to lie, fit quite nicely with my minimalist, neutral aesthetic). However, keep in mind every baby has different preferences and therefore, I would avoid buying multiples of a single product (example buying 7 different pacifiers or swaddles) seeing as I don’t know which one she will like the best.

3- Bassinet 

This bassinet is definitely on the pricier side, however, after reading multiple reviews, it is definitely something that I have my eye on. I know that sleep will be very difficult at the beginning and therefore, I’m all about anything that can help me catch a few more zzz. This bassinet is basically combines gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. Also loving how sleek it looks.

4- Onesies

Pretty basic, but another big necessity for baby. These are 100% cotton, have great reviews and come in a bunch of different colors.

 5- Giraffe

Ok, now I know this isn’t technically an “essential”, but how adorable is this little giraffe? I’m trying to limit the amount of toys at the beginning (as she mostly will be eating and sleeping 24/7 anyways), but I thought getting at least 1 or 2 stuffed animals would be very cute to start her collection and decorate the nursery.

 6- Baby monitor 

This baby monitor wraps around your crib and looks so sleek! It connects to your phone, sends you an alert when baby cries and is pretty reasonably priced.

7- Sound machine

Now this is a product that I honestly thought was a total waste of money. Yes, it’s a 60$ machine that creates white noise. But after seeing literally – every – single – mom recommend it, it definitely got my attention. I ‘m not kidding, I haven’t watched a single Youtube video that didn’t recommend this product. Moms seem to rave about how it helps their baby sleep longer and for 60$, it’s definitely worth a try.

8- Stroller & car seat

Seeing as I am quarantined at home, I am purely going off of reviews here, but this stroller from Silver Cross seems to fit right into my aesthetic! It’s sleek, has great storage and is compatible with many of my favorite car seats. Regarding the car seat, I’ve heard amazing things about the Nuna lite seeing as it is very safe, light and easy to carry.

 9- Washcloths,  bath towels & burping cloths

More essentials for bath time. Love these washcloths, because they are certified organic and soft on the skin. Also comes in a bundle with the bath towel here. When it comes to burp cloths, I wanted something soft, but still very absorbent and that would hold up in the wash. After reading probably 50 different reviews, these are the best ones I’ve found.

10- Swaddle blanket

Love this product because it is multi-purpose. You can use it to swaddle your baby or simply as a blanket. Comes in a bunch of different colors/patterns.

11- Dockatot

Another product that has been raved about. This Dockatot is the perfect to tuck your baby and keep him secure. It is portable and I thought it would be great to take with me anywhere when I need to put baby down.

12- Changing pad and changing pad covers.

This changing pad is great because it’s waterproof (5 star reviews on Amazon). Splurged on these super cute covers, but you could honestly go with something simple like these ones. Also thought these quilted changing liners were great to simply lay on top and avoid having to change the cover often. Also great to put anywhere you need extra protection (ex: if baby is in your bed, stroller, bassinet and you want to avoid any “accidents” from leaking through).

13- Swaddles

Swaddles are another must-have to help you baby sleep and these ones seem soft and easy to use.

14- Carrier

Not sure how much use I will get from this carrier, but my husband was all about it! Great in case I need to be hands free around the house or run errands. Has the best reviews in terms of comfort.

15- Sterilizer

A sterilizer for all your bottles, pacifiers and more. Opted for this one because, again, it has great reviews (which every product mentioned in this post does) and is very affordable.

16- Bath support

Again another HIGHLY recommended item, specifically this one from Angelcare. Was probably in 90% of all the « baby essentials » videos I’ve watched.

Lastly, more essentials I didn’t mention would be the obvious diapers (I was recommended Pampers Swaddlers, and Huggies), diaper wipes (these water wipes seem to be universally loved) and toiletries (body wash, brush, diaper creams, etc.).

If you are expecting, this pretty much covers a lot of what you’ll need. I hope this blog post was helpful and if you have any questions about these products, do not hesitate to ask. With that said, if you are a mom, are there any products I should’ve included or specific brands you would recommend?! Share with me below in the comments!


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    Love this post but would love to see an update of how it’s going with these products! <3

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