July 2024

My Gender Reveal

IMG_0417Last weekend was such an amazing and magical moment. To anyone who saw the reveal on my IG stories, you probably already know, but we are having a baby GIRL!! I feel blessed beyond words and couldn’t be more excited or happy to meet our little princess. A lot of people asked what I thought I was having and to be completely honest with you guys…. boy was I wrong (pun intended)! The past few months, my husband and I really believed we were having a boy. For whatever reason, I had some weird intuition it would be a boy, even though, not going to lie, the thought of having a little girl seemed so enchanting. We were both so wrong, but we couldn’t be happier. I can not wait to go shopping for our princess and finally start buying all the cute little dresses she deserves. It’s weird to say, but I feel so much more connected to her now that I know her gender.

Such a crazy journey that I’m on and I’m really glad I can take you guys along for the ride. Scroll down to see all the pictures of the event, the decor and how my dress ended up getting completely covered in pink dust! Note to self: do not explode a smoke bomb indoor… lol. (Link to the dress down below).

Stay tuned for more fashion content coming to the blog soon and of course more adorable baby updates.

P.S. Can we talk about the beautiful decor and amazing color palette we went with? Very special thanks to Renee from BrandHustle Design for helping me put my vision together. It was exactly what I asked for and I couldn’t of done it better myself. She is such an amazing event planner and made the entire planning process a breeze. You can see her work by clicking here.


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IMG_0490_Facetune_02-03-2020-12-58-38 IMG_0427 IMG_0433IMG_0576_Facetune_03-03-2020-11-08-52 IMG_0597_Facetune_03-03-2020-11-08-44 IMG_0852_Facetune_03-03-2020-11-09-27IMG_0484_Facetune_03-03-2020-11-05-47gender reveal 5 gender reveal 634958BB0-C07C-45CE-A3EE-E2A505257D6D 8743B670-D6C7-410D-82CE-04519C676F2CIMG_5996IMG_0557_Facetune_03-03-2020-11-07-48

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