September 2021

Trend Alert: Vinyl

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Viny Pants Sweater  /  Shoes  /  Bag  /  Watch

Today, I wanted to talk about the fabric that has been taking over fashion lately…. vinyl. From trenches, to skirts, to trousers, and even boots, vinyl has been all over the catwalks this year. Typically associated with rain gear or even dominatrix wear, this trend can be a very challenging one to pull off when it comes to ready-to-wear. Vinyl is glossy, shiny, quite unforgiving, and such a statement on its own. Therefore, figuring out how to style this tricky fabric is key.

In order to pull off the vinyl trend, try to pair it with more low-key pieces and casual fabrics, for example, sneakers, oversized hoodies, or in my case a sweater. A big chunky knit would’ve also been a great choice, seeing as both textures really complement each other. Pairing vinyl with softer, more feminine pieces could likewise work beautifully together. Keep in mind that the glossy material naturally stands out, so let it be the statement piece in your look. In my outfit, the pants speak for themselves and therefore, a casual cozy sweater was the perfect fit for a “cool-girl”, casual vibe. Now I have to warn you… Besides being a bit riské to wear, these pants are not the most discreet in the sound department. I’m not going to lie… the squeaking can get a bit frustrating at times, but you can definitely find a pair that isn’t too stridulous. You might get weird stares (reminiscing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman here), but if you’re bold enough to dare the trend, you can definitely have fun with it… and that’s what fashion is all about!

So what do you think? Would you wear patent clothing?  Let me know in the comments below.

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