September 2021

We’re Pregnant!

IMG_3561_Facetune_20-02-2020-22-02-02The secret finally is out! My husband and I are expecting!

It was so hard to keep it a secret for almost 5 months, but we wanted to enjoy this time as a couple, with family and really savor this special moment in our lives. Not to mention the first trimester was… rough. The first few weeks of pregnancy were definitely the hardest and I was forced to take some time off in December due to “morning sickness”, which should really be called “all-day sickness” if you ask me. However, I am so happy that the news is out and that I can finally take you guys on what most probably is the biggest journey of my life!

My husband and I both feel so blessed to have this little miracle in our lives. It is such a big change for me (that to be honest, I’m not sure I was ever going to be ready for), but for some reason feels so right. And although this is a complete lifestyle change, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

IMG_9885_Facetune_23-02-2020-11-27-15As you guys know from my previous blog post, I recently quit my job as a legal advisor to pursue blogging full time. And no, the timing of it was not a coincidence. Finding out I was pregnant had a lot to do with the reasoning behind quitting my job. I want to be there for our baby in every way that I can and being able to be in control of my own schedule is one of them. Not only has this passion of mine taken me places I never thought I would go, but it has allowed me to do what I believe is best for our baby. It allowed me to be my own boss and not only be a working mom, but also be able to work from home and spend as much time with my little one as he or she deserves.

Lastly, I am planning to do a “Pregnancy Q&A” video very soon on my Youtube. If you have any questions regarding my experience with pregnancy thus far, please make sure to leave them down below!

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  1. Darcy Rubin
    March 4, 2020 / 8:36 am

    Steph, I had no idea you were a legal advisor! Do you have a law degree?

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