Shopping Guide to Building A Stylish Wardrobe


With stores like H&M and Forever 21 flooding the country, we’re all tempted to buy cheaper clothing from time to time. These types of retailers have mastered the art of selling somewhat trendy clothes for quite a low price. And who isn’t guilty of purchasing a 3$ T-shirt from Target or a 10$ H&M dress? But that inexpensive item isn’t always the best […]

Miami Days

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Hello lovelies, As you guys who follow me on Instagram and Snapchat probably know already, I spent all of last week in Miami, Florida! It was such a relaxing experience to spend a week in what probably is the warmest area in the United States right now (it truly felt over 86 Fahrenheit almost every single day). Palm […]

Living Room Mood Board


From a very young age, home decor has always been something close to my heart. The art of putting together furniture and accent pieces to create an aesthetically pleasing space has somehow always fascinated me. Having recently moved to a new apartment in The Golden State, I was able to really explore that passion all […]

5 Tips for a Modern and Timeless Decor


Since I’ve had my own apartment, interior design has always been a passion of mine. Here are some tips and tricks to help you step up your home decor game. Image via Jigsaw Design LLC 1. Bright walls and natural light: I personally think the bedroom should well-light and airy. To do so, do not cover your […]