Current Favorites


It’s almost the end of August (how depressing, right?!) and through these short, but amazing summer months, I’ve discovered so many great products, cute pieces and wardrobe staples. With that said, I thought I’d start a new series on my blog where I would share with you guys my current beauty and fashion favorites I’ve been wearing/using […]

Traveling With Your Pet


2016 was truly a wonderful year, full of new opportunities and adventures for my husband and I. And although I thrive with change and new challenges, my handsome furry friend doesn’t quite feel the same… My lovely cat, Bailey, and I were lucky enough to travel several times together, taking him along to a new country, as well as 4 different […]

Shopping Guide to Building A Stylish Wardrobe


With stores like H&M and Forever 21 flooding the country, we’re all tempted to buy cheaper clothing from time to time. These types of retailers have mastered the art of selling somewhat trendy clothes for quite a low price. And who isn’t guilty of purchasing a 3$ T-shirt from Target or a 10$ H&M dress? But that inexpensive item isn’t always the best […]